Please take a look at the charges available for our various sports facilities and equipment. Overnight guests, please contact us.

Sports Facility Charges

Sports Facility Charges

Facility name Item Charge Notes
Outdoor Tennis Court 1court / 1hour 1,000yen All-weather Court (13) Equipment charge separate
Indoor Tennis Court 1court / 1hour 2,600yen Hard Court (2) Equipment charge separate
Gymnasium 1hour 2,600yen Volleyball,Dodgeball, etc equipment separate
Gymnasium 1hour 1,000yen Badminton equipment separate
Ping-Pong Table 1hour 400yen Ping-Pong
Sports field (4) 1hour 3,000yen Softball (outdoor)
Kickball,Dodgeball (4)
With equipment separate
Gateball (outdoor) 1hour 1,000yen (14)
Off-road Park 1person / 1day 1,300yen Motorcycle Course
Bicycle 1hour 400yen
Obstacle Course Free
Ground Golf 1person / 1round 8-holes/500yen with equipment
Additional 8 holes200yen
Miniature Golf 1person / 1round 200yen 9-holes with equipment
Bowling 1person / 1game 450yen 4 lanes
Rental shoes 200 yen
Indoor Triangular Pool 15m 500yen Free for overnight guests
Open Friday,Saturday,Sunday
Outdoor Poor 25m-9m 500yen Open July & August
Roller Luge 1Run 500yen Discount Multi-pass tickets available
(minimum height 140cm)
Go-cart Single passenger 1turn 500yen with engine minimum height 140cm
Go-cart Twin passenger 1turn 700yen with engine
Land Car 5 passenger 1hour 1,600yen Drivers license required
Half Day 4,700yen Drivers license required
Petanque (indoor use) 1set 1hour 3,000yen equipment included
Petanque (official set) 1set 1hour 4,200yen Outdoor use. Equipment included.
Official Quoit set 1team 1hour 500yen
Darts set 1team 1hour 500yen
Kin-Ball 1set 1hour 500yen

Rental Sports Equipment Price List

Equipment Unit Charges
Racket (Tennis・Badminton) 1 racket 200yen
Tennis balls (store item) 1ball 315yen
Badminton Shuttle (store item) 1shuttle 400yen
Tennis Shoes (22cm - 28cm) 1pair 200yen
Bowling Shoes(19cm - 30cm) 1pair 250yen
Various gloves 1pair 200yen
Catch ball set (gloves2,1ball) 1set 400yen
Bat 1bat 400yen
Base set (up to 4 bases) 1set 500yen
Softball set (up to 4 sets) 1set 2,500yen
Gateball set 1set 1,100yen
Rental ball 1ball 200yen
Chair 1chair 150yen
Desk 1desk 250yen
Tent 1tent 2,500yen
Broadcast Equipment 1set 5,000yen
Saddkeckoth,Headbands,Team sash 1item 100yen
Stopwatch 1watch 500yen
Pool Towel 1towel 200yen
Swimsuit Men's (90cm - LL) 1swimsuit 400yen
Swimsuit Women's (90cm - LL) 1swimsuit 600yen

Ski Equipment Charges

Lift Pass Prices for Overnight Guests (only available for overnight guest)

Overnight Guest (Adult・Middle School Students) Lift Pass Overnight Guest (Senior・Children) Lift Pass
1 day pass 3,000yen 1 day pass 1,500yen
2 day pass 5,000yen 2 day pass 3,000yen
3 days or more 7,500yen 3 days or more 4,500yen
Overnight Guest Lift Passes are for sale at the front reception desk Senior charge is for individuals 60 years old and above

Ski Rental Charge

Regular guests Overnight guests
Adult Child Adult Child
One day Set 3,500yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 2,500yen
Skis 2,500yen 1,800yen 2,000yen 1,500yen
Boots 1,200yen 1,000yen 1,000yen 800yen
Stocks 700yen 600yen 600yen 500yen
Ski wear 3,500yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 2,500yen
Half day Set 2,500yen 2,000yen 2,000yen 1,500yen
Ski wear 2,500yen 2,000yen 2,000yen 1,500yen
[Two days = One day charge + Half day charge]
#A half-day is from 8:30 - 13:00 or 12:30 - 17:00, after that guests will be charged for a full day.
Skis 90cm - 170cm Boots 15cm - 30cm
Stocks 70cm - 130cm Ski wear 100cm - 3L

Snowboard Rental Price Charge

General Overnight guests Note
One day Set 3,500yen 3,000yen
Board 2,500yen 2,300yen 102cm - 159cm
Boots 1,500yen 1,300yen 19cm - 31cm
Half day Set 2,500yen 2,000yen

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